Inbound by Private Jet for Luxury Japan Tour

Sekai Inc. planned luxury Japan Tour by private jet for 5 nights and 6 days and total cost is one hundred million yen for wealthy Chinese Clients.

~Travel around Japan by Business Jet. Also combine Real Estate sales Services.~

Sekai Inc. (CEO Kazuhiro Kobayashi) who provide cross boarder real estate transaction business by blockchain planned the luxury trip to Chinese and Hong Kong wealthy clients. First tour scheduled on Mid June 2016. 。

<characteristic of service>
・Depart from any airport in China or Hong Kong.
・Charter Business Jet (Exclusive, Up to 8 people)
・Stay at luxury hotel in Okinawa, Osaka, Tokyo, Hokkaido – 5 nights and 6 days total.
・Guiding Japanese properties in Tokyo and Hokkaido.
・Dinner in Ginza accompanied by famous Japanese actress.
・1st tour is planed on Mid June 2016 which worth one hundred million yen.

<We will select the private jet which is listed in our website.>
Sekai Inc. just opened the internet site called “Jet freely” on April 2016. ( )We will select private jet which was registered with our site.

<We will have alliance with local travel agency using our network in China and Hong Kong.>
Our member of the Real Estate Information Service for Asian Investors are over 115 million people total. Starting from 2016, also started the Real Estate Information Service for over 10 billion JPY real estate properties.
We will tie up with local travel agency and private jet operating companies.