EC site construction system using NFT released

(Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kazuhiro Miyamoto) announced on 24 June 2021 that it will provide a system for its own EC shop that can issue NFTs.
NFTs will be automatically issued for products sold in the EC Shop, allowing for the issuance of product certificates of authenticity and certificates of uniqueness for products.

Our system uses Ethereum as the NFT issuing function, but does not use cryptocurrency as a payment system, allowing cash or credit card payments.

By converting goods into NFTs, it is possible to add a lot of value, such as providing evidence of the limited number of goods and proving them as genuine by issuing certificates of authenticity and other certificates.

The information written on the blockchain includes the name of the company issuing the certificate, the date of manufacture, the brand name, the date of manufacture, the name of the product, the specific product name, the name of the owner, the owner’s date of establishment of ownership (date of purchase), images, etc. If the owner changes, the information is added to the system.