Business Jet Sharing Service by Internet

Alliance with 20 Business Jet Operating Companies in Europ and China. Providing the available flight information in and out to Asia Pacific Region.

Sekai Co.,Ltd. (CEO Kazuhiro Kobayashi, Toshima-ku,Tokyo, Japan) which evolving cross boarder Real Estate and other asset transaction business by blockchain business, started to providing Business Jet reservation service by Internet to make it easy to searcch private jet flight information in and out to Asia pacific region.

There are more than 20,000 business jets in US and 10,000 in Europe registered and 20% of their flights are going through Asia. Number of business jet which fly in and out to Japan is also increasing, however 30% of return flights are operating empty so called empty leg.

The “Empty Leg” flights are normally sold at 1/3 of regular price of charter flight. There are many similar site in US, Europe and China dealing with “Empty Leg”, however this is the first service in Japan.

Sekai tie up with Business Jet Operating company based in Hong Kong, Taipei, Swiss, France and England by May 2016 and will provide empty leg information(including gulfstream) on their Private Jet Sharing Site called “Jet Freely”.

○ Jet Sharing Site – Jet freely

○EMPTY LEG information site

<Empty Leg Special Price Example>
Haneda → Hong Kong  Normal 14,000,000 ⇒ Empty Leg Special Price 5,000,000(max 12 people)
Haneda → Dubai   Normal 20,000,000 ⇒ Empty Leg Special Price 8,000,000(max 14 people)
Dubai → Haneda   Normal 20,000,000 ⇒ Empty Leg Special Price 8,000,000(max 14 people)

※ As of June 18(Sat) 2016, there is charter flight between Haneda to Hong Kong for 5,000,000 (gulf stream / max 12 people)
The price per person per hour is JPY 99,206 which is almos equal to first class flight for normal commercial airplane.