First in Japan to accept BTC for Global Real Estate Transaction

Sekai Inc.(CEO Kazuhiro Kobayashi, Toshima-ku, Tokyo) announced to accept cryptocurrency including bitcoin for their cross boarder Real Estate Transaction.
As the first transaction, Sekai settled the first real estate transaction with Hong Kong Investor on December 6 2016.

One of the benefit of the bitcoin settlement is that you can confirm the money transfer over the weekend and also transaction fee is very low.

Corporation by Japan Digital Money Association, the transaction was made through bitcoin exchange coin check and Pegapay.

Bitcoin is backed up by blockchain technology which known as high security. The Settlement cost is low and able to confirm the money transfer on bank holidays.
June 13 2014、Expedia also start accepting bitcoin for their hotel reservation. July 18 2014,Dell also start accepting bitcoin by their HP selling their own products expecting that more companies will start accepting bitcoin near future.

<About Sekai>
Founded January 2012. Capital amount 45 million JPY as of 2015. Capital increase through third party allocation by JIG-SAW (Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (Code 3914). The user for their Japan Real Estate Information Service for Investors in China, HK, Taipei is more than 50,000(as of Dec.2015). Total Sales amount reached to one billion yen in 2014. Business alliance with Taiwan biggest financial portal site cnYES in March 2015. Providing Japanese Real Estate information for over one million Investors.