Inbound attract customer service through ICO funding

SEKAI INC. Will launch overseas deployment services such as inbound customers by ICO (Initial Coin Offering) using block chains on June 1.
Total amount of funds procured by ICO implemented in 2017 worldwide exceeded 322 billion yen, and overseas, venture companies and small and medium enterprises such as small businesses with huge amounts of 400 million yen to be raised in 3 minutes will come out We are also attracting topics by being able to raise funds.
At our company, we can offer marketing based on procurement funds while promoting awareness of overseas by PR (proprietary coin (encryption currency) using company name and service name overseas, unique coins are visited Japan foreigners / influencers It is a service of two birds with one stone that can be used as an incentive item to.

· Development of unique coins (encryption currency) using company name and service name
Standard ERC – 20 Token
· Establishment of overseas affiliates (Republic of Estonia, Republic of Malta, Switzerland)
A corporation in a regulatory compliant country is required for virtual currency ICO implementation.
※ In Japan it will be subject to regulation such as fund settlement law and financial product trading law.
· Financing support from virtual currency fund
Assistance from investment funds strong in relation to virtual currency in cooperation with the world’s second largest virtual currency exchange
· ICO marketing support
SNS marketing, participation in meet-up events to be held around the world
– Listing support for major virtual currency exchange Huobi and others
Entry to the voting listing system operated by Huobi etc.

· Companies wanting to implement PR overseas in general