Started Business Jet Consulting Business

Sekai Inc. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo   CEO:Kazuhiro Kobayashi) which is developing cross boarder real estate and other asset transaction business and its related blockchain business announced that they have started the business jet consulting business for corporate clients.

<Back Ground >

A jet business company grows rapidly in Europe and America, Asia. 20,000 United States, Europe 10,000, China 1,000 are navigated by business, sightseeing, but only 22 business jets are registered in Japan. A merit of the business jet was what could fly from a local neighborhood airport at free time, and big needs might be anticipated in a company, and a lot of merits such as the company brand in owning it, effectiveness of advertising, the welfare program to an employee gave service with the goal of the lease contract that was more than 100 in us.


It is suggested to contract with Lease Company for a used plane and also selling charter flights while not in use of the plane. In the case of the selling charter flights, Sekai will provide their information sharing service platform called “Jet freely” which provide business jet sharing information. It is also cost effective for the company.

<Example of jet>

2011_Learjet_ 60XR

Bombardier Inc. LearJet60XR (Used)

Length      :17.89m

Height      :4.44m

Total Width      :13.35m

Scope of flight  :4,539km

Speed        :846km/H

Max Altitude   :15,550m

Max Weight     :10,659kg

capacity     :9 people

Approximately 15 million yen as for the necessary expense per month. This becomes the total cost including management cost and operative cost with in addition to a lease expense and can lower the hurdle of the jet introduction in comparison with approximately 1,600 million yen if you purchased it in a new plane predominantly.

※Our lease product are provided by American Lease Company and we act as a Japanese agency.

※The information mentioned above is not based on domestic Aviation Act with a thing assuming the registration by U.S. nationality airplane.

※The cost mentioned above is a general estimation and not guaranteed.