WE will start the establishment of overseas affiliates of virtual currency related industry

SEKAI INC. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo: Representative Kazuhiro Kobayashi) will start the establishment of overseas affiliates of virtual currency related industry on May 1st.

Vinance, a major virtual currency exchange, (https://www.binance.com.) And the Chinese virtual currency exchange office based in Hong Kong (https://www.okex.com/) are located in the Republic of Malta We are relocating our head office to. Companies engaged in virtual currency related companies are risk hedges against regulations that hamper growth, and companies implementing ICO (Initial Coin Offering: Initial Coin Offering / New Virtual Currency) are also friendly to the virtual currency Malta Republic, Estonia Republic, Switzerland, etc. It is high tendency to relocate to.
We will support relocation and establishment of the company in the area concerned.

■ What is Malta Republic
The Republic of Malta (Malta / Malta) is a republic of southern Europe. It is situated between the islands floating in the Mediterranean, Sicily and the North African coast. It is also a member of the British Commonwealth and the European Union (EU), the official languages ​​are Maltese and English, the currency is Euro and the capital is Valletta. This country aiming to become “block chain island” welcomes the establishment of bases such as the virtual currency exchange BINANCE and OKEx.

■ Republic of Estonia
It is the most advanced electronic nation. Estonia uses an e-government system called “e-Residency” to build an infrastructure that can receive all public services via the Internet. In particular, in the healthcare field, we are also considering replacing the infrastructure with block chains, which is a country that is implementing highly advanced efforts. Estonia began accepting applications for e-Residents for Estonian non-residents from the beginning of this year, and there are already 22,000 electronic citizens from 138 countries.

■ Switzerland
The virtual currency exchange Bitfinex (Bitfinex) is considering moving the Swiss headquarters. This virtual currency exchange is the world’s fifth-largest virtual currency exchange in terms of transaction volume, and once the relocation is ensured, it will ensure its status as a Swiss virtual currency developed country.