Provideing JPY 10 billion Japanese Properties by Blockchain Tech

Start providing JPY 10 billion Japanese Properties Sales by Blockchain based secure technology.
~ Adopting blockchain technology which is know as super Transparent and keep all the record which is difficult to manipulate ~

Sekai Inc.(CEO Kazuhiro Kobayashi) operates Crossboarder real estate transaction business and crossboarder blockchain business and first real estate transaction was made last December accepting bitcoin from HK investors in Japan. Sekai has started membership service targeting mainly for Chinese Investors by their portal site “Japan Real Estate Guide” to provide over JPY 10 billion Japanese properties by blockchain based technology service.

■Service Name:Japan Real Estate Guide
■Target :Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, singapore Corporate, Private Investors.
■Service :
・Providing Luxury Real Estate Properties for exclusive to the members
・Translation of the property information also using Real Time Chatting system.
・Controlling the private information using blockchain technology.
・1% brokerage commission which is lowest in the market

Sekai expect the increase of global real estate transaction with high security technology by blockchain technology.

About the world Co., Ltd.
Established in January 2012. The January, 2012 establishment. Carry out third-party allocation of shares to assume jigsaw Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers ※ securities cord 3914) undertaking in 2015. I develop real estate transaction business between many countries and real estate block chain service business between many countries. A user of the real estate information service China which the company runs for Hong Kong, Taiwanese investors more than 50,000 people (at December, 2015). The amount of sale support results is approximately 2 billion yen for 2,015 years. It ties up with Taiwanese maximum finance portal cnYES in March, 2015 and provides real estate information to higher than 1 million Chinese food zone which I did including Taiwan. I will plan development to the Dubai Middle East zone to include in future.

<Press Release>
Sekai Inc. Start accepting crypt currency for Real Estate Transactions

Sekai Inc. Carry out third party stock allocation to Jigsaw Co.,Ltd.

Reached over 1 million Wealthy investors in China by Taiwan’s biggest financial site “cnYES”