We have just started the consulting business of Sales Support for Virtual Currency to 10 foreign countries.

We, World Company Limited, will start supporting service of overseas sales for the fund raising ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which used a block chain, from June 20th.
The procurement fund total sum by ICO which was implemented all over the world in 2017 becomes the topic of conversation even if it is fund raising to exceed 322 billion yen and for the venture business, the small and medium sized businesses to be able to fund the large amount of money.
In the listing requirement at major virtual currency exchange, Huobi Pro, esteem the state balance of the token carrier and there be a token carrier globally in the healthy project.
It can maintain a buying support after being listed.
It leads to the growth of the long-range project.
At the same time, includes in the standard of the examination of being listed.
Also, by that the major fund with virtual currency and the famous infra answer participate in the project, it is possible to attempt the project value improvement and it can move forward roughly for the ICO success.
< Our offering service >
・ Selling of the virtual currency fund, and to the influencers in the foreign countries
・ The support from the investment funds who are strong in being related to the virtual currency by the cooperation with the world No.2 major virtual currency exchange
< Location of countries of the selling crypt type fund, the influencer countries >
The United States, Singapore, Korea, the entire Europe, Switzerland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Abu Dhabi, Israel, Singapore, Thai, the Philippines, Hongkong, Australia and so on
We tackle the supports of being listed – fund raising in case of cooperating with the overseas companies with the ICO demand of which a network with the overseas major exchanges, the virtual currency specialty capital accelerates in the future by utilizing it with the multilateral real estate transaction business to be implementing from 2012, and the overseas investor of the multilateral real estate block chain service and come.